Business Payroll Books

A good payroll book can prevent you from committing total disaster while simultaneously guiding you towards success. Taxes, deductions, deposits, legal compliance and more can be overwhelming. A payroll book can be a valuable resource.

Books on processing payroll that last the test of time generally are rare. This is not because the quality of information is not there, but more because the information and laws regarding taxes, compliance and the other components required to properly handle your payroll are constantly updating and changing. However, there are a few books that you can purchase to help you familiarize yourself with the payroll process and point you in the right direction should you decide to conduct in-house payroll.

Payroll Best Practices

Written with controllers and payroll managers in mind, this book covers in detail various methods for payroll improvement. Styled as a how-to manual, Payroll Best Practices showcases a wide range of options that you can choose from to improve your current payroll system. Highlights include: timekeeping automation and simplification, reducing workload and payroll error rates of staff, outsourcing payroll functions, policy implementation, a glossary of payroll terms and an appendix that summarizes the 100+ best practices contained within.

Payroll Accounting

Primarily used as a school book, Payroll Accounting and its annual revisions (Payroll Accounting 2011, Payroll Accounting 2012, Payroll Accounting 2013, etc.) gives you a detailed look at calculating payroll, completing the required taxes, records and necessary reports. Each revision of Payroll Accounting covers the latest laws and updates regarding the payroll process. Packed with coursework, the text drives forward the idea that application is better than theory by providing useful working examples from real businesses to showcase successful implementation of the information presented. Additionally, with Payroll Accounting there is bundled software with an example payroll project that you can use to practice the payroll methods learned from the text.

Payroll: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department

This book is presented as a resource for businesses to effectively engage in up-to-date payroll practices that are compliant and in accord with governmental regulations. As a payroll guide the emphasis leans towards the efficiency of the payroll department as the title implies. With that in mind, the intricate details of procedure policies, payroll measurements and the like are not found in this book. Overall however, Payroll provides pertinent information when it comes to tax compliance and what it takes to implement new methods to get your payroll department functioning smoothly. Inside you will find details covering: fraud, payroll reconciliation, tax deposits, payroll systems, benefits, pay cards, direct deposit, and employee self service systems along with much more.


Each of these books contains information pertinent to successfully operating a compliant payroll. However, there are other books on the subject that may better serve you based on your current skills and knowledge on the topic. The books mentioned here merely serve as a launch pad for you to either get started with payroll or to further your knowledge on the topic. Be sure that with any book on payroll, accounting and/or finance to get the most current version you possibly can if you are going to depend on it as the foundation for conducting business as the laws and regulations on the subject update continually.