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Gusto Payroll

Gusto payroll is very similar to Square Payroll in that it is cloud-based and offers a full feature core payroll process to its users. (It also happens to be My payroll software of choice, and I find it works really well with QuickBooks.)


As with Square Payroll, Gusto streamlines and automates your payroll process, handles the tax side of things (both state and federal), and allows you to administer employee benefits. 


Free Tax Calculator + Walk-thru Video

Depending on the plan you choose, employees will also be able to log in and onboard themselves by entering in their personal details and filling out their W-4. 

Gusto also features a powerful range of reporting features and can integrate with various accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Freshbooks.

With Gusto, you can also pay hourly, salaried and contract workers. Plus you can have the payroll run automatically, so you don’t have to login (unless there is OT to enter).

One of the areas where Gusto’s services really shine is their HR functions. Depending on what package you sign up for, you can have access to premium HR tools and professionals, such as the employee handbook wizard, HR forms, and company culture assistance. 

Additionally, some of the nicest aspects of Gusto’s HR services is that they can be turned on and off. If your business needs help with HR, you can take out the Concierge Plan, utilize it to get your HR policies and systems in place, and then downgrade in a subsequent month if you feel that you don’t need it anymore. 

Best For: Small Businesses

I use Gusto for all my small business clients. Gusto’s capabilities, pricing, and HR tools and functions make it an ideal solution for small (1-50 employees) or medium-sized (50-100 employees) businesses.

(Being I use Gusto, I went ahead and made this handy setup walk-through video you can follow, if you chose to go the Gusto route.)

Although HR is a crucial function, hiring an HR specialist is often not an option for a smaller business, which is why Gusto’s HR offerings can be so valuable. 

Gusto Payroll Pricing

Gusto payroll’s Core Plan price is $39 per month and $6 per employee for full-service payroll. The Complete Plan is $39 and $12 per employee. If you wish to enroll in the top tier Concierge Plan, this will cost you $149 and $12 per employee.

Lastly, if you haven’t hired any W-2 employees yet, you can enroll in their Contractor plan which costs $6 per contractor, with no monthly base cost.