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Square Payroll

First up, let’s get our teeth into the primary features of these three payroll powerhouses. All three of these solutions offer the fundamental payroll core service. However, their capabilities differ in some of their add-on offerings and extended capabilities. 


Square Payroll was released in 2015 as an addition to Square’s wide range of payment processing solutions. 

Square is mainly a solid core payroll service that will allow you to set up—and even automate—all of your employee’s salaries, as well as administer employee benefits, cater to hourly and salaried employees, and track sick leave and time off.

In the background, Square Payroll automatically pays your employees once you approve the payroll, and files all federal and state taxes that you owe. 

Square Payroll is completely cloud-based, and they also have an app from which you can manage the payroll process.

Employees are able to login to Square Payroll and do tasks such as track their leave, update their details, or modify their withholding tax. 

When comparing Square Payroll to other solutions such as Gusto and ADP, one thing that stands out is that the platform and reports are simpler and more basic. This can be advantageous, especially for smaller businesses.

However, if your organization is large, then the simplicity of Square Payroll might make it inadequate, especially if you need complex analytics or HR assistance.

Best For: Businesses Already Using Square Payments

One of the handiest features of Square Payroll is its integration with other Square products. 

For example, if your employees already clock in and out with your Square POS system, this data will automatically sync with Square Payroll.

If you employ a number of contractors, this feature can potentially save you hours of wasted labor come payroll day. 

Aren’t a user of a Square POS system product? Even so, Square Payroll might still have you covered with their integrations with other time tracking applications such as T-Sheets, Deputy, Homebase, or TimeTrack24. 

In addition to time tracking integration, Square Payroll also integrates with QuickBooks. 

Square Payroll Pricing

Square Payroll’s pricing is one of the most competitive in the market, with a base rate of $29 dollars per month, and $5 dollars extra for each employee in your Payroll. 

Plus, if you’re only paying 1099 contractors then they will waive the base rate and you only pay the $5 per employee!

One of the great benefits of Square Payroll is that you can run payroll as many times as you like per month, and you won’t get charged extra.