Payroll Software

The Best Payroll Software

Almost every payroll processing product claims to be the best payroll software available. Get past the sales and marketing tactics and make a better decision. Use the information here to help you decide what the best payroll software is for you.

Practically every company peddling payroll software proposes a unique marketing claim that theirs is truly the absolute best payroll software you can buy. If you were to conduct a rudimentary search on the internet you will find the vast majority of even the precursory results will yield primarily comparison charts of different product lines from the same company. You will identify hardly any payroll software versus payroll software (of different elk) comparisons in the returned yield, if you receive any at all. That is of course, excluding those results posing as comparisons, but are merely promotional efforts in ruse.

To make matters worse, the payroll comparison charts that are largely available essentially boast that each product provided by the company as the best (when compared to competitors’ products) at their specific price point. However, despite the audacious marketing efforts by these companies finding the best payroll software does not need to be difficult. In fact once you understand, know and act on the particular financial needs of your business, making the decision regarding which payroll software to implement will become much easier.

Providing you clarity on specific areas of interest regarding your payroll needs will enable you to determine with precision and clarity exactly which is the best payroll software for you. The two primary areas to accentuate your focus are function and flexibility. However, before addressing these areas let me say a few words regarding price.


The amount of money spent acquiring payroll software should not be perceived as an expense but as an affordable investment. This consideration however does not provide carte blanche license of spending thousands towards payroll software beyond the scope of your business requirements, merely because it contains a higher price tag. This suggestion is for you to consider all payroll software within the range of your purchasing power and then securing the best payroll software according to your needs within that range. Not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. So now we move forward to the larger question posed, how is best payroll software defined?


While functionality is pertinent for daily operations, flexibility is a requirement for special circumstances and future needs. As your business grows and develops your payroll requirements will become more complex. The best payroll software for you will be flexible and able to meet your diverse needs and expectations as they arise. Should there be a feature set that you did not initially require; incorporating it into your existing platform should not be a hassle. Upgrading and expanding payroll software needs to be intuitive, fairly systematic and easy to deploy.


Payroll software needs to perform accurately. Additionally it needs to provide you with the tools you need to perform and provide timely and accurate payrolls. Do not become overwhelmed with unnecessary features that are beyond the scope of your requirements. However know what your requirements are and ensure that the payroll software solution that you finally select includes them.

Several functions to consider and their usage include; pay intervals, payroll operator usage, data reports and time recording. While the functions listed are not an exhausted detailing of all the possible functions of payroll software, they are considered vital regarding business operations in many cases. Your business requirements may differ however this preliminary listing serves as a reference point for you to draw from as you compile your own prerequisites of what you consider makes the best payroll software.