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5 Benefits Payroll Software Can Deliver to HR

As an HR professional, you usually don’t have to deal with payroll tasks beyond the basics when onboarding a new employee.

But making sure workers get paid is essential to your job since you’ll be the one dealing with any complaints. And you want a system that streamlines payment processes and keeps your business compliant with IRS regulations and requirements.

Most HR software solutions come preloaded with a payroll module. If yours doesn’t, consider talking with your software vendor to see if you can add it on.

There are many benefits to having payroll software integrated with your HR system. You can customize the system as needed to cut down on menial tasks, smooth out your onboarding process, and ensure payments are quick and accurate. Plus, compliance with confusing tax laws is smoother with a system that updates regularly.

First, here are the essential features and functions of any payroll software solution.

Key features

Your payroll software solution should include the following features, all of which can improve your company’s processing and systems:

Payroll processing: The ultimate function of any payroll software is the ability to process the various facets of payroll, including timekeeping and overtime pay rates.

Direct deposit: Employees don’t want to wait for paper checks. Luckily, most payroll software can connect with banks to disburse payments directly to workers’ bank accounts immediately. Direct deposit also cuts down on the potential for mistakes or lost payments.

Tax filing help: The best payroll solutions have automated calculations for tax time. When that time comes around, an exceptional solution can pre-fill employees’ tax info with the data already in the system and avoid any human input errors. Another plus? Your taxes will always get filed on time…

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